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Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement
Xiong Thao
Housing and Community Standards Supervisor

6301 Shingle Creek Pkwy.
Brooklyn Center, MN  55430

Ph: (763) 569-3433
Code Enforcement Line:
Ph: (763) 569-3473
Fx: (763) 569-3360

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Neighborhood preservation and good relations between neighbors are encouraged through proactive property maintenance sweeps in each neighborhood, as well as in response to citizen complaints and concerns. Maintaining properties in good condition helps to prevent accidents and illnesses, as well as to preserve the housing stock. Solid, attractive housing reduces the risk of crime while attracting responsible new homeowners.

The Community Development Department staff work with City departments, nonprofit agencies, businesses, and citizens to help keep properties and the environment safe, attractive, and maintained to community standards.

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Contact or to Report a Property Concern
If you have any questions about property maintenance or would like to report a property in the city that you feel is in violation, please contact us at (763) 569-3473 or submit an online request through "Notify the City".

City Ordinances
Chapter 7 (Health Garbage and Sanitation)
Chapter 12 (Housing Maintenance and Occupancy)
International Property Maintenance Code - IPMC
Chapter 19 (Public Nuisance and Petty Offense)