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Organization Divisions
The Police Department has been strategically organized to provide the community with the most effective services and consists of the following divisions:

The chief of police and administrative assistant comprise this division. This division coordinates and administers all divisions in the police department by implementing strategy in crime prevention and reduction. This division acts as liaison to other City departments, members of the community, as well as other criminal justice agencies. 

The Patrol Unit consists of 26 sworn police officers, six sergeants as well as one commander. Uniformed patrol officers respond to calls for service of both an emergency and non-emergency nature. Likewise, this unit conducts pro-active patrol in residential and commercial areas to deter crime. Community service officers (CSOs) are a part of the Patrol Unit and perform police-related duties that do not require a sworn police officer (animal complaints, on-street parking issues, etc.).

Community Services
This division is comprised of one school resource officer, one crime analyst, one crime prevention specialist,  one multi-cultural community liaison and one commander.

Investigations is comprised of six detectives, a drug task force officer, a violent offenders task force officer and an investigations commander. This unit provides centralized investigative resources to the Department.

Records and Property 
This division consists of one support services manager and eight support staff who are supervised by the support services manager. This division processes and coordinates information generated by all divisions within the Police Department, including: property, transcription, dissemination and storage of police reports, as well as classification of crimes.

In an effort to explain the organizational structure of our agency, we created an org chart.