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Rental Inspections
Rental Inspections

Once an owner has applied for a rental license, the City will schedule a rental license inspection. The inspection will be conducted in all units, common areas including, but not limited to the mechanical, laundry, basement, and garages. The purpose of the inspection is to assure that all rental housing is decent, safe, sanitary, and is operated and maintained, as not to become a nuisance to the neighborhood or become an influence that fosters blight and deterioration. 

The inspection is conducted to ensure that the property meets minimum building, housing, and property maintenance standards found in Chapter 3, 12, and 19 of the City Code. Prior to the inspection owners and managers are encouraged to do a pre-inspection of their property to ensure that property code violations are corrected prior to the rental license inspection. Included in the rental license packet is the Rental Inspection Brochure. Owners and managers are encouraged to review and use the brochure as a checklist, to find the most common code violations that are found during the rental license inspection. 


Rental inspections have resumed on a limited basis and notices will be sent for any upcoming inspections.  During inspections, staff will observe social distancing and will have on PPEs throughout the inspection.  If there are any owners, property managers or family members who have been sick or are sick, the inspection staff will not conduct the inspection and will re-schedule for a later date.  Rental license inspections are scheduled as an AM (9 a.m.-12 p.m.) or PM (1 p.m.-4 p.m.) inspection. To inquire about or schedule an inspection time, contact Community Development department at (763)-569-3330. 

  • Inspect all units and accessory structures.
  • Provide information and resources for property managers.
  • Educate and inform property managers about current housing and building codes.
  • Improve the safety and quality of all rental properties in the City to improve and maintain the City’s image with citizens and neighbors.      
  • Provide more accessible dialogue between government, residents, and property manager